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Turkey Roll Up June 30, 2012

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Okay, so I found this pin and thought this would be great for a hot afternoon.  I don’t have a link to the pin right now because I can’t get the pinterest is being updated right now.  😦  However, this one is pretty simple.  All you need is lunch meat of your choice (turkey, ham, chicken, etc.), I decided to use turkey, Laughing Cow Cheese spread (any flavor will do, I’ve used swiss and chipotle flavor), cucumber, and flour tortilla (again use whatever size you want).  I also think it’s easier to use the thin sliced lunch meat.

All you do is take the flour tortilla and spread a slice of Laughing Cow Cheese (if you like extra cheese like I do, then use 2, or if you want to mix different types of Laughing Cow Cheese then use two), I used swiss and and chipotle flavor together, but my boyfriend just used swiss.  Then take a couple of slices of cucumber and dice it into smaller pieces and sprinkle it on top of the cheese.  Next place a few pieces of the lunch meat on top of the tortilla, and roll it up.  Now you have a nice summer lunch meal!  We’ve eaten these quite a bit and done quite a few variations.  Made one with ham and turkey.  Even made one with just cheese.  Nice to enjoy on a hot day.


Spread the cheese and sprinkle with cucumber.              Add the meat.

 Roll it up and it’s ready to eat!  Yummy!

This is something I’ve fixed a lot this summer.


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