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Pepperoni Roll Ups June 13, 2012

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Okay, so I know this is a lot like the Easy Pepperoni Rolls I made recently.  Let me explain.  I live by myself, and by boyfriend comes over everyday.  He doesn’t live with me, but he is always here for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday.  Since I am usually cooking for just the two of us, we tend to eat a lot of leftovers, and I have to use what I have.  So, I bought the pepperoni to make the pepperoni rolls, and now the pepperoni needs to be used!  Okay, I’m done ranting, so I fixed pepperoni roll ups today.

Here is the pin and here is the link to the person where this originated.   The link sends you to someone’s cooking blog.  It’s pretty cool if you have a chance to look at it.

So, I used Crescent Rolls, Jalapeno String Cheese, Pepperonis, Butter Spray, and Italian Seasoning.  I added the butter spray and Italian Seasoning.  Just thought it would give it more flavor.  I’m sure you could use whatever kind of string cheese you want.

All I did was place 4 slices of pepperoni and a half piece of string cheese on a triangle of the crescent roll, then rolled it up.  Once all were done I put a little butter spray and sprinkled the Italian seasoning on top.  I even decided to sprinkle a little Parmesan cheese on top as well (that was a last minute decision).  Then I baked them on 375 degrees for 12 minutes.  Served with tomato sauce and ranch dressing to dip in.

Yummy!!!!  This is something I will fix again.  Love it!  Quick and easy fix.


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