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Red, White, and Blue Drink June 10, 2012

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This pin is one of my favorites!  Something quick and easy for the 4th of July, and the kids will love it!  All you need is some fruit punch (or some kind of other red juice), blue Gatorade, and 7up or sprite.  I used fruit punch, light blue gatorade, and diet 7up.  You’ll want to use a clear glass or cup of ice.  Take the red juice and pour it in the glass first, adding as much as you want (I filled a couple of inches high).  Then take the blue Gatorade and pour it in next, again I filled another few inches.  Finally, top off the rest of your glass with the 7up.  The pin states that the drink with the higher sugar content stays on the bottom.  It’s pretty cool.  Plus the flavors work well together.  I’ve actually fixed it a couple of times with dinner.

This isn’t the best pic.  There is a little bit of a glare and I should have used more blue!  The pic below if from the pin.  I promise mine looked very similar, and I’ve gotten better at getting the right amount in the glass to get the color to pop!  Oh, something else I’ve found that helps…  Use a big glass!

The last ones I made did look like this.  I guess practice makes perfect!  Too cute though!


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